I'm a cowboy: Western Shooter is a hardcore top-down shooter

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  • Hi all. Now i work on Western Game «I'm a Cowboy: Western Shooter»

    Any comments about the game, graphic style and tips for organizing gameplay would be very welcome.

    I'm a cowboy: Western Shooter is a hardcore top-down shooter with an indescribable wild west atmosphere.

    Each skirmish can be your last, either you or he is at stake. You need a great reaction to defeat your enemies.

    Revolvers, rifles, dynamite and even machine guns - you can use all this in battle.

    Adrenaline-pumping gameplay, one-on-one duels, challenging shootouts, horse chases, all this awaits you in this game.

    The main character

    Hi, my name is Tom, Tom Horn, you know, I've been accused of a lot of terrible things, like the murder of a kid and the mercenary. So I'll tell you what - it's all fiction! I am an honest bounty hunter and have never touched children! I will tell you my story, you will find out how everything was in reality.

    Key Features:

    • Unique graphic style;
    • Adrenaline gameplay;
    • Hardcore shootouts;
    • Various game scenarios (capture of a train, horse chases, siege of a ranch with bandits, etc.);
    • One-on-one duels with gang leaders;
    • Timed survival mode;
    • 6 unique types of weapons;
    • Multiplayer with 2v2 and def match modes;

    See if you can kill them all.

    Page on Steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1712120

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  • Love your graphics style! Looks pretty cool 😁

  • Love your graphics style! Looks pretty cool 😁

    Thank you wery much))

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