I'm afraid I have to look for work.

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  • Not long ago published my application on the Play market. No one is downloading (( I hoped that the idea of ​​the game is cool, it seems I was wrong.


  • Mobile apps are all about marketing I guess

  • Supply and demand - the market is completely saturated. If you want people's attention you have to do aggressive marketing I think. It's not enough to simply have a quality product. It's like writing the best novel in the world and never leaving the house with it. Means nobody's going to read it.

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  • Nice to see you two again :). Don't be sad Nutecred. It's a learning experience for all of us. You got to have a target audience and also think how you can market to the target audience. It's also very important that you get very honest opinions of what ppl think even if it's brutal honesty. And not from your family or friends. I say, don't give up and just learn from what did not work and why. If you ask me, I would say a turn off for me is the graphics of your game. It looks incomplete and not entirely finish yet. But I do think the concept is cool of riding and shooting your enemies up. you just got execute it well and try above your best of what you can do for it to look and be presentable . It's never easy, but learning from mistakes always improves you even more. I hope this help. Also, I think a good idea is to add blood when you shoot the enemy. I think that would be a cool idea in your game if you havent already added it.

  • I have been in your shoes for years now and what I have learnt is you need to find a way to tell people about your game. I learnt from the owner of Color Switch some time ago when I was also using Buildbox and before his game came out and became a hit, I asked him about it and what he said was he was waiting on a friend he mentioned his game to who apparently pitched that game to a cousin of his who apparently was an American music artist.

    The artist as at then had almost 8 million followers on facebook. So he posted it on his page and that was the beginning of his break-through.

    So this is why the Chinese guys do so well because they help one another promoting it to their friends.

    So what do I do?

    OK you will be surprised to hear that there are many many badly written games in the store that have over 1M downloads and you wonder HOW DID THEY DO IT? Familiar with that phrase?

    Since Flappy Bird came out, everybody now became a developer including Taxi driver. So the market is over saturated hence reason why App stores pay more attention to games that are getting lots of downloads as soon as its released.


    1) Avoid cloning another game. Take inspiration from existing games doing well and make changes to it. Maybe add features or so.

    2) Build a very simple original game that is less complex BUT fun to play. May be a game with less retention but you only need a game that will give you an initial boost so you have small funds to do something much better

    3) Make good use of social media by integrating the likes of facebook for sharing

    4) Port your game to facebook instant games. Reason why i mentioned this is because I have seen lots of funny games been played by lots of people on that platform. Add ability to recommend the game to your facebook friends does help a lot. If people love it, they will naturally try and look for the game in app store.

    I really can't think of anything else for now but I am looking to try these methods since I have decided to try out Construct 3 since I left it over 3 years ago while struggling to understand the platform.

    Thanks to this lock-down, I have been able to come up with 2 games of sleepless nights and looking forward to publishing them.

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