Here is my hobby project. 2D Combat Sim (WIP)

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  • Here is a video of the hobby project I'm working on.

    Heavily inspired by Terraria.

    The final idea is to have a rouge-lite combat sim. with resources for crafting new equipment weapons. Some lite character leveling and an ever-expanding list of Bosses to fight with different AI's


    Here is a download of the project if you want to try it and look at the code. It's bugging (mostly the sword animations) I'm open to suggestions on a better way of doing things.

    controls are: AWSD for movement. Space for jump (double tab to double jump), hold shift to run, mouse wheel to select weapons or top keyboard numbers, and left click to attack.

    Thanks :)

  • Honestly, I think you have a fairly solid looking WIP. I'm interested to see if anyone has better ideas for the sword swing/animation. I am in need of a better solution for that as well.

    Three thoughts:

    Does the timer provide a benefit to anything? Once your project gets bigger will it just be extra, unnecessary coding for you?

    I know its a WIP, and your Minotaur looks awesome but the art doesn't match the player per say. Your player has black outlines and the Minotaur does not which makes him appear a little flat. Overall, I think all looks great.

    You should try to keep regular updates posted because this looked interesting.

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  • Thanks for the reply theseanmullins.

    The timer will provide a Time Attack and Time Record achievement later. Plus I had ideas for bosses that would go into a new phase after a certain time had lapsed. So if you could beat them before a certain time you can skip that phase. Also extra reward drops for beating a boss under a certain time. So, yeah lots of uses for the time in mind.

    All the art is filler right now. I bought it all from Game Dev Market. I tried to get stuff that was close and had the functionality I was looking for. I'll definitely be looking for custom art for the project later. So, If anyone wants to do pixel art for this project I'm open to that.

    I'll definitely keep updates going. It is a hobby project so I don't know how regular they will be.

    Thanks again!

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