Hey I made this and it crashes on my 1gb ram tablet even thought it seems to have a good fps

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  • Hey I made this and it crashes on my 1gb ram tablet even thought it seems to have a good fps


    If someone could tell me why that would be great. With like debug tools and stuff

    Also i put this event here

    and there is no reason for it to work.

    The player object is not in a container with anything

    nor is it part of the pin family yet it goes to the right position? Complete bamboozle Ashley

    edit: it crashes after a huge spike in CPU and GPU usage

  • I cant look at your demo at work but I can see the pic you posted

    you are moving everything in the pin family to the postion of the player every tick (when they are on the character layer)

    so it will work but not very performant.

    it would be better to move them to player position once at the start of layout / or when the player is created.

    and then pin them to the player. ( I assume the pin family has pin behaviour?)

  • It shouldn't work though because I'm not specifying which player to move to, no players are picked in the events, they all should move to the player with the lowest UID or just teleport randomly to players and be all broken.

    also don'T worry about the performance NetOne play the game and just look at it go

  • Maybe try a layer number rather than the string.

  • newt no

  • Wow... cant believe how many characters you have there and the performance is so great.

    I tried it both Moto G4 and Surface4 I5 8GB integrated gfx

    the pro is fine but yea the Android Moto 4 gets a blue screen after a few minutes. (is that the crash you are talking about or is just the demo just ending???)

    up until that point the game seems to be running fine, though cpu is ruining around 98% the moto has 2GB ram

    asking a 1gb tab to handle that may be asking too much.

    maybe it is just a matter of limiting the number of characters, to keep the ram use and CPU use down on mobile devices. Does it crash with lower character count?

    I see what you are saying now about why your pin family thing works , I dunno either ... but it does apparently work....

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  • NetOneThe game just keeps spawning player entities until the CPU reaches 100%.

    I was writing the 3D physics and input code for the game and then every frame i give 100 random player a random button to press on their "controller"

    As for the crash I tried spawning only a small amount of players but it still crashed. Also it dosen'T run on my Pixel Phone the screen is just blue I wonder if that has to do with the webworker or something.

    The demo doesn't end the level only has a floor and you can't jump but you can go anywhere from -30000 to 30000 on both the X and Y axis and the level should be diamond shaped since my X and Y axies are isometric diagonals

  • If you use worker then try without it, if gpu % goes higher then cpu %(with worker) it can crash. You can check it in canarly with gpu % and cpu %.

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