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  • I wanted to make a thread where people can share their abandon projects/work or ideas that went bad and never got to see the day of light again (R.I.P).

    Also* Give a little background as to why you stopped working on it and tossed it out.

    Well today, I will start off with mine. To give a little background, I have ADHD and I can get bored of things real easily, especially projects that I have started but feel like it will be boring or just a waste of time. So in order to keep my mind going, I do projects that I find that are creative and very interesting to try to make. During last year of making my first major game, I made side projects of games I would like to make afterwards. But becoming a more serious developer, Im looking to make more wider styles of games that would attract more and not just arcade types. This project, I started at the time has been sent to graveyard. (R.I.P)

    Battle Front was one of my arcade games/projects at the time, that I thought would be interesting to make. It was a war game where the player has to shoot the opposing side. You could continue to shoot the wall to destroy their barrier and vice versa. Player could crotch down and hide behind wall if enemy was shooting and even throw grenades' that could explode a full section of a wall and vice versa.

    The background of the mountains where going to change too when the player advances more and more throughout the levels to simulate the time of day and to give the impression that these were long battles like an actual war. And the boss for this game was an actual tank every 10 levels.

    I haven't touched or opened this project since the end of 2019. But looking back on it. It would be a lot of work for me of my own and to try to get the sprites to do what I want them to do would be a lot. Im not that advanced, but I would go for it if it was really something I wanted to know. On top of that, this game probably wouldn't do well if I was to release it because not many people care for these types of games anymore in this type of style.

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  • Im back again to tell another story of yet another one my projects that is sent to the grave(RIP). This game is called the Castle of Death.

    Castle of Death was a side project that did not go NO WHERE at all lol. It was game planned to be a platformer game with lots of traps that the player have to avoid and find their way out of a the deadly castle. The name was cliché and it was a very cheesy and cheap idea of a game. I actually only made the title and the background of the "game" and never bothered to do anything else with this project or even reopen this project within 3 years of me starting construct. Though this project is for sure dead and gone, I have already reinvented the idea and made a much better side project of a similar but better idea of a game then this. While I did like the skulls I made, this overall just wasn't something I would be investing my time in for.

  • Im back with another project idea that I had in mind at the time, but was put back for a reason.... This project that I thought of at the time is called ILL-LEGAL INTENTIONS. This game came in mind from mass shootings and how many of the shooters claim or was labeled as "ill" from their horrific actions. It was planned to maybe become a 3D shooting game, but because this type of game is a very sensitive and controversial to make, it was obviously put in the trash. But there was actually a lesson that was going to be made from the game. The real lesson is to not even play the game at all if you think k*ing is fun, despite it being a "game". It was really test the player's mind and morals.....

    I didn't get far with any other thing for this project. I literally stop at the menu screen and decided, this may not be a good idea.

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