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  • This is a fan-made game i have created for God Of War fans across the globe, This is my first game being created in Construct 3 and im using everything i possibly can to make it the best a Flash game can possibly offer, Its not finished, I have just got done programming the Frost Axe into the game, which took awhile to be able to code to recall etc. , I think my formula works well however, this is a test so far of what i have completed its in no way the final game and i also have no working healthbars or any other meters at this time, depending on how many people play the game and depending on the demand for more, will determine if i continue work on the game, enjoy.

    Give it a play here https://www.scirra.com/arcade/action-games/god-of-war-flash-30017

    Please rate and comment, give me your ideas, improvement suggestions etc, I hope you all find this game to be one of the more fun games on the arcade thus far, right now its more of a showcase of what Construct 3 can do, soon ill add better AI and health , objectives and more elements etc.

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