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  • Hi all,

    I've been working on this project for the last few years, and am now reaching the point where it's starting to come together.

    It's a 2D platform-brawler: The elevator pitch is something like Donkey Kong Country meets Final Fight. You control the main character as she jumps and platforms her way through a variety of levels with exciting, dynamic events (falling ruins, booby traps, disused mining equipment and more), while also having to fight and defeat magical demons that have descended from the mountain.

    I've reached the point where the main levels are all constructed and scripted, and I'm now going through and adding/animating the enemies for each level. Once that's done, I'll be well and truly out of the Alpha stage and into Beta.

    I thought people might want to see a screenshot of the work in progress - I'm pretty proud of how it's all coming together. I'll post some more screenshots at a later date that showcase some of the more dynamic elements, but hopefully this is a good indicator of the sort of vibe and atmosphere the game will hhave

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