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    This is a game I'm working on and I'd love any input or feedback. I really have no idea whether other people will "get it" or think it's fun.

    You drag shapes into their holes to get points. Get the shape into the hole before time runs out to keep going. Bump matching shapes for a bonus and get a penalty for hitting non-matching shapes.

    Try for high or low score. They're both fun in my book.


  • Looking at the screenshot of your game and I said "meh", looks like an incomprehensible mess of a game. But I gave it a shot and I was hooked. I love it and totally enjoyed playing it.

    I love the sound/music and effects, and the gameplay is simple and tight. But there are things on the screen that I think shouldn't be there, objects that serve no purpose at all.

  • I think the game was very cool!

    I played for several minutes, many many levels, but then I needed to continue with my job ( ). So I just waited so I would die.. But it just kept playing and playing?

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  • The style grabbed me immediately, very cool game, and the Best Low Score feature is really fun!

    Any plans to make this playable on mobile?

  • That design style is called "Memphis."

  • I really like the idea of a strong 80's game. The demo plays nicely, sounds and graphics are both very cool.

    Being strongly 80's it would be fun if you slipped in 80's references as well to the game, perhaps to the most well-known songs or TV programs at the time. It may not be possible in the main game, but on the end screen or in menus. They'd be cool little subtle easter eggs for people who get the references.

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