"GALAXY WARS: Infinite Shoot'Em Up" my new Android game!

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  • Hi guys, how are you doing today? I wanted to share a game im really proud about, it's the best made i've made i think besides some gamejam games that i made for the browser.

    I spent around 2 month making this game, so i hope you guys would like to try it for a little while and if you like it leave some star ratings (not required hehe)

    Here is the PlayStore description of it:

    GALAXY WARS: Infinite Shoot'Em Up is an arcade action space ship game, with infinite levels and gold to collect!

    Embarck in an space adventure to destroy the evil aliens and collect massive amount of gold and treasures to unlock new powerfull power ups and ships to help you in your arduos journey!

    GALAXY WARS features:

    ..-- Infinite gameplay: Keep going up in increasingle harder levels of difficulty.

    ..-- 30 Enemies Type.

    ..-- 13 Bosses.

    ..-- 20+ Ships to Unlock.

    ..-- 35+ Power Ups to Unlock.

    ..-- Lots of bullet types: You can shoot the clasic laser or missiles, but you will unlock the ability to shoot crows, saws, grenades, swords, katanas, kunais or even other ships!

    You can play to survive the longest time in an specific level or keep striving to reach higher levels of difficulty, but be ware, you MUST spend your hard earned gold in some upgrades so you can keep going strong!

    And Some images here:

    LINK TO GAME: play.google.com/store/apps/details

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