[Free iOS game] Addiction - I need your HELP to test something guys, please, I'll be really grateful

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  • Hi guys!

    I tried my hand at converting one of my "french games web portal" into an iOS app, with support for english and spanish languages. I choose a simple-looking one for my very-first try, a minimalist numbered puzzle game (that fans of games like 2048 and Threes! should like, while playing differently).

    So far approximately 1 000 people played it (more than 500 that were registered with GameCenter, for the leaderboards).

    It was a lot of work to register with Apple, create the apps and certificates and mainly to get access to a recent mac with the latest version of XCode on it.

    But the hardest part so far is using the IAP (in-app purchases) plugin.

    First there was a crash with the plugin on iOS that Scirra corrected after I submit a bug report. ...then, there is a weird thing about the plugin events and then, this:

    Someone that did't buy the IAP now sees the text "Ad-free version - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!" in the top-left corner when starting a game...so, maybe my game is now ad-free for every player and thus, will not make me money anymore by displaying ads.

    I'll be more than grateful if some of you guys could try it, it'a FREE app. :)

    And post a reply here to confirm if the "Ad-free version" is displaying in top-left on startup (and the "NO ADS" button in bottom-left is disable (almost invisible), or if the NO ADS button seem to be displaying fine.

    If you can take the time, here is the link to my game on the App Store:


    Big THANKS to the users that will try it, I'll really banging my head over walls on this.

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