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    Sometimes the link doesn't work so here it is in code:[/code:1yxvit03]
    Your crew has been allowed to escape as you buy them time going against ungodly amounts of enemy crafts. 
    Your only weapons are your two pistols, your head which shoots lazers, and your wits. 
    How long can you survive. Can you beat a score of 20,000? psh... no one can. 
    Keyboard Controls:
    A, D to move side to side.
    Left, Right Click shoots pistols
    Spacebar shoots lazers.
    Esc to go back to title screen and Enter to play the game.
    Gamepad Controls:
    Left,Right analog stick to move side to side.
    Left, Right trigger to shoot pistols.
    A button to shoot lazers.
    Start button to go back to title screen or play game. 
    This is just a prototype made in 4 days. Was testing my speed on creating the art, gameplay and coding. Donate if you are cool. If you don't donate... I guess you're still cool.
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