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  • There's one thing browsers have been doing really well for years - HD video. So I decided to build a pretty big project in Construct - it's an interactive movie made from zero budget film scenes made with friends in our spare time. Yes, it's a '90s style FMV game!

    It's not just choose-your own adventure. That would be too simple and that could be done in anything. I used the full power of Construct's simple interface to build a proper game with cool glowy buttons, resource management and many many randomized encounters. It's basically Oregon Trail in space with live action trash film.

    There's about four hours of video. Not all of it is breathtaking action. A lot of it are scenes of the main character exploring, being bored or arguing with his computer. Some of those scenes are background footage meant to set the mood while the player is choosing what to do next.

    And a few warnings: This is not a game for children and it's also not even amateur acting. It was larpers drinking, partying and improvising whole lot of conversations and fights and I can say we've spent A LOT of time and nerves combining crazy footage into semi-coherent stories.

    There's about 2-3 hours of gameplay. Losing is an option, but there are a lot more encounters than you can see in a single playthrough, so it's very replayable. Also, almost every video is easily skippable, so you can just click through scenes you've already seen.

    And that's the game. It's made with Construct 3 and nw.js plud some help from Greenworks, so we can have Steam overlay and achievements. Windows and Linux versions are available, I have yet to research how to get mac signatures or whatever the hell you need to do if you want to build a mac version.

    And yes, it's about 10 gigabytes big.

    If you have any questions, go crazy :)

    Oh and link to the game:

  • And the award for the biggest Construct project goes to...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    (In terms of storage space!)

  • And the award for the biggest Construct project goes to...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    (In terms of storage space!)

    Yeah, I decided not to do "packaged assets" because a concept of ONE GIANT FILE scared me a bit. Anyone could just watch the films if they went into the folder, but 9 out of 10 doctors agree it's a lot more fun watching them in-game :)

  • I can't imagine how much of a nightmare using cloud save on a project that large would be. I just thought about that haha.

    I think the largest project I have created in C3 was around 30MB. Your project is more like a UE4 one. But obviously the video content explains that. I would be curious as to the full size of the project not including the videos would be (bet it's tiny in comparison.)

    But props for making a game like this. I used to love games with cheesy FMV cutscenes like the Command and Conquer series.

  • Most of the time I made the game without videos and just imported them when they were needed. The fact that Construct doesn't convert videos and that you must manually type in the file names was surprisingly handy.

    .c3p file without videos, but with all the images and music is about 165MB. It features a bunch of HD images, about 90 different large buttons (which are also images because I was too lazy to make some kind of dynamic selection objects) and about 30 different songs. Most of the time, the music is separate from the videos, so you don't lose the groove when switching between the scenes :)

    Buttons in action:

  • I should have thought about music! I imagine that makes up a large chunk (probably the majority) of the remaining 165MB. Should have thought about that because I have more experience as a composer/music producer than a dev haha.

    Thanks for all this info on this project, looks really cool, and quite unique when it comes to today's games. I wish you luck on steam!

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  • I just checked, music and sounds take up 74MB. Thank you for the lovely wishes :)

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