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  • 11 years I have been lurking on these forums and using Construct for very random projects that it was quite frankly not designed to do (I/O sorting systems, VFX pipeline tools, etc..).

    This Christmas my father was bitching about this one game he plays a lot. His words were something around it being perfect if only if it was possible to do one more thing (turning the blocks). Challenge accepted... I told him that I needed a project to do in my spare time so I set a goal to learn how to finish a small game that would include Admob working and releasing it to Google. These three weeks split up to 50/50, doing the game and making Admob and understanding how the Play store works.

    Anyway, these three weeks gave me a good idea of how all of this works and I'm really excited to make another game. If you want to check it out then head over to the Play store here:


  • Congrats for your launch and your installations so far!! :)

    Do you plan on releasing it on iOS as well? I would like to try it!

    Did you succeed in making leaderboards and/or achievements works on Google Play?

    I did not have any problem making videos ads works...but Google Play Services are giving me headaches so far... I'm sure I'm using the good key and my services are linked to my app. ...but I can't get an error message even if there is a condition in C3 for that... :/

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  • Thanks, was really excited to finish the whole process. Decided to have the game easy enough for me to finish the whole task.

    I'm planning to do iOS as well yes, I just need to get my hands on some Apple gear, I don't think I can export on a PC.

    I'm not using achievements in this game but I'm using 2 instances of leaderboards, one for each game mode. They seem to be working well. I hade some problems making them work in the beginning. Google seems to be really slow when caching. I did some changes and it could take a day or two to actually work. There are some expressions in C3 to catch the errors, I was using them to see what was going on.

    My main problem was that all players only saw one entry in the high score, my score. I found out that the players need to enable their "Let others see your game activity" in their game setting, that way their score will be seen publicly. This setting is off by default.

    Also, my leaderboards only worked after uploading the game to the Play store and in alpha mode, internal mode didn't work, not sure why. In the game services, you have to add all the players to a testing group and include them in the alpha/beta mode.

    Basically, I just browsed every link I found in the play console and game services and made sure everything was linked together.. :)

  • Thanks for the time you took to answer me! :)

    I managed to make it work too (Leaderboards on Android).

    If it can help others, it was a question of "Linked Apps" in the Google Play Console, we need to create 2, one for "test/unsigned release" (with the upload SH1 key) and one for signed releases (with the release SH1 key).

    ...was really not easy for me to figure that out. ...but it's the reason why my tester was not "signed in" into Google Play Service when he opened the game.

    So my very first game too, Addiction, is now available on Android. :)

    Here is the link, if someone here want to try/test it:

  • eski

    Nice game and very playable, congrats! I see you have more than 500 downloads in two weeks, which means that users are spreading the word...

    If you don't mind, what scaling options have you used for the objects to be spread across the device vertical axis? Scale outer + Anchors to layout?

    Something other, it seems that the sounds are a bit delayed (about 300 ms after the touch). Is this by design or due to chromium audio delay? I thought there must be a solution for this issue but all the C3 games I've downloaded have the exact same audio lag.

  • Thanks, I'm really happy how it turned out :)

    Currently, I have 782 downloads and it's all around the world, fun to see that.

    It took some time and tests to figure out the scaling. In the end, I used the default setting, which is letterbox scale, no anchors and resolution set to 1080x1920. Because of the simple game elements and color scheme i got away with it. There is a big crop on the top and bottom but it looks like by design I guess.

    For my next game, I will use the whole resolution so I have to figure out how to use anchors with the scale inner/outer.

    Regarding the audio, I didn't even notice there was a delay so no, it's not supposed to be that way. Might be this chromium audio delay you talk about, need to look into that.

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