Finally! Blue - the Skylings DEMO is OUT for Public Testing!

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  • Good evening.

    Finally after more than one year of working (most of the time not working actually) on this project we have arrived at this state. It's faaaaar away from being completed, but we finally know that we are going to get trough all of the difficulties we eventually find, and that we can manage to complete this game.

    By the way, in this pixelart platformer game, you play with Lilo, a little Blue Raccoon (it's supposed to be a raccoon) in an adventure to save your mother that got ill by... some reason... (no spoilers)

    So, you'll need to travel around the four different "worlds" (Sky, Water, Overworld and Underground) and find the last ingredient for the nice and kind Amir to prepare the magic antidote for your mother. Of course we don't have all four world on the demo. Because, after all, it's a Demonstration.

    We plan to make an awesome game, and we need some time, and resources.. but we know that we can finish it.

    If you find bugs, want to talk with me (or Bitwin Entertainment), want to support us, or just want to say nice words of encouragement; feel free to comment.

    Thank you for reading, and (I hope) for playing. Have a nice day.

    Link of DEMO
    Henri's Twitter (AKA My Twitter)
    Bitwin Entertainment Twitter
    Game OST
    Our Website
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  • "(Blue) The Skylings"

    Have you heard of this incoming game?

    Wait... no?

    So I'll explain to you.

    In The Skylings, you'll:

    Fight some bosses, leave the sky, save your mother.

    And live an adventure crafted just for you!

    This game also contains:











    A MENU!

    and much more...


    But hey it's still fun (And HAARD to play).

    So, I'll leave you a challenge. The first one to beat the DEMO (and take a screenshot of the END), will get a secret prize.

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