Fantasy Defender:Besuto Mura many advance features working with Construct 3

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  • Hi Devs!

    TLDR:game is here

    After many years practice I have finally released a game fluidly onto the google Play Store

    Id like to start out by saying the APK building inside of construct 3 is a real game changer.

    I've been able to fix issues and patch the release from my mobile device.This allows us Indies to

    fix things fast and be more responsive to our users.

    The Game uses many assets from the Scirra Store. I highly recommend Sekis template for anyone looking for that Poke/Zelda sprite look. I used sprites from all 3 7 souls asset pacs. the UI is built from a set called Fantasy Defense.I found the Fantasy Defense Set to Have a very good look. The text Sprites are made from the Elegant Royal Set. I used BXFR to make the interaction sounds. The intro Song is Prepare your swords from OSGA and I do not own it credit to the artist.

    The Game After much trial and error has some key features I think new users may struggle with such as auto save and load,IAP,and ADmob. These all work as intended if anyone is interested I will be making a series of youtube tutorials as I continue on this campaign for Fantasy Defender that will explain all of these features.

    The Game is a Hybrid I consider to be a mix of rts,Tap and idle gameplay. instead of defending towers you defend individual heroes. Each Hero has special abilities that change your strategy with each new hero. there are abilities that use gold collected from monsters to cast,and also magic spells that use mana. some spells can be upgraded but all spells are semi locked because you do not start out with enough mana to use them. You can build walls to protect your heroes from ever stronger waves of monsters.

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  • Changed some UI recentely and removed the in app purchase because it was making the app crash on some devices. Recently Published 2 more games on the playstore

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