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  • Hi, Construct users! Hope you're doing well!

    Today I wanna show you my second Construct 3 game, and I called it Dungeons Again.


    Dungeons Again is a dynamic rogue-like platformer.

    Legends says, that somewhere behind our village there is an entrance to deep dungeons, which are fraught with Amulet of Yendor — ancient artifact, that creates evil creatures that terrify villagers.

    This will not be easy to do, because according to the classics of the genre, death in the game is permanent, which equals the complete loss of the character and the new randomly generated dungeons.

    Some features:

    Death in these dungeons is permanent! You will no longer see your hero if this happens!

    Each dungeon is generated for each character randomly - there will be no identical dungeons!

    Over 150 different items in the game, including magic weapons, accessories, and even BOOMERANGS!

    Unique level design that allows you to use environmental elements to achieve your goals!


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    Some screenshots:

    I spent a whole year developing, and really hope you enjoy my work!

    Right now you can buy a game with a discount in Steam *Clickable!*!

    Thank you for reading, friends!

  • Oh wow, nice job! My fave genre as well. I will buy it now on Steam, good luck with it :)

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  • Wow, really nice art, congrats!

    Great that you are really sticking to the Rogue genre, seem fun, will try to play it soon!

  • The game is great and it is even greater when you can finish it and sell it on Steam, congratulations!!!

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