Duck Souls is on Steam!

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  • Hi, everyone! 🖐

    My name is Mateus Sales and i’m indie game developer from Brazil. In 2017 i started my “career” when i made a game called Pinkman, which is available on Steam (, and now, in 2018 i released another game called Duck Souls, yes, you heard that right. Please, let me show you the game trailer and talk a bit about it. 🦆

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    • Duck Souls is a fast-paced action platformer, with standard platformer mechanics like running and jumping, but with a little extra, dashing! 💨
    • All levels were designed to be played like “puzzles”, so you need to make very precise movements to pass through each level. 🧠
    • There are 20 different “machineries” that will change the environment and attack you during game. 💀
    • For each 5 levels you pass you gain a new hat to custumize your duck. All hats are incredibly cute. 🎩
    • The music was made by a French composer called Yoann Turpin. All songs are very relaxing. 🎵
    • The controls were all optimized to work with both keyboards and controllers. 🎮

    If you enjoyed what you saw you can get the game on Steam right now! 🖥

    BTW, your feedback is really important to me, so leave a comment if you wish so. 😊

    "Estudiarse a sí mismo, es el arte más difícil."

  • Nice game. I bought it, and Pinkman, to give you some support there.

  • hi! The game looks very nice.

    I am here to help you! :D

    Run, jump and dash throught a colorfull and treacherous enviroument to save everyone and become a hero.

    "throught" --> through

    "colorfull" --> colorful

    "enviroument" --> environment

    100 levels - Play 100 lovelly hand-crafted levels filled with deadly traps and random references!

    "lovelly" --> lovely


    Good luck with your game!

  • Really nice platformer. Hope it does well for you. Are you using the Pico-8 colour palette?

  • Thank you very much for your support! I really appreciate it. 😊

  • mumu64English is far from being my main language, so thank you very much for correcting my grammar, i'll update the store page today! 📚

  • mOOnpunkThank you very much for the kind words, sir! I hope so too. Yes, i'm using both the PICO-8 color palette and font, which are under a CC-0 license. 🎮

  • Congratulations! Two games on steam already. I'm far from construct for quite a bit and started to get into it again recently, which is revigorating because construct is really fun to use. Also, can you share some info? How is C3 doing nowadays? Your games are doing well on steam financially?

    Btw, nice to see some Brazilian here publishing games on steam. GL!

  • kossglobalThank you very much, sir! Yes, can't believe they're finally done haha 😊. C3 is going pretty well, Scirra is slowly delivering everything they promised, i love to work with cloud sync and remote preview, also Ashley is monster on fixing any bugs, so i definitely recommend C3. Yes, Steam always gave me a good financial income, my plan is to become a full time indie game developer, which is completely possible with Steam. 🎮

    Yes!! I'm always pleased to see some Brazilian content like Zuerama. Tell me if you ever need some help with C3 or Steam, i'll be glad to give you a hand. 🇧🇷

  • Thanks! How is the support for achievements, cards, etc for Steam platform?

    Edit: How about the bureaucracy? Did you started a company or launched it as natural person? :P

  • kossglobalYou're welcome!

    Scirra does provide a Greenworks plugin, but it doesn't work very well, theoretically you can only unlock achievements and activate the overlay with the Greenworks plugin, so there's no way to access the leaderboards for example. But the worst part is the support for it, since there are really few people working with C3 and Steam, Scirra doesn't seems to be very interested in supporting anything related, the Greenworks plugin doesn't even work with the latest version of NW.js, so you will have to re upload your game with an older version of NW.js, which can cause some compatibility issues. The overlay doesn't even work at all without some extra command lines that you will have to find out by yourself, since they're not mentioned in the documentation. Well, you can already tell that i'm very frustrated with Scirra support for Steam haha, but i'm hopeful that they will fix everything like they always does. In C2 you had to pay for a third party plugin, but at least it worked well.

    Cards are easy to setup, you basically just need to upload a few images to Steam and they’re done, unfortunately Steam blocked the possibility to release a game with cards, now you have to wait an undertaminated amount of time before they allow you to add cards to your game, because some developers were exploiting the card system to make some easy money, which is sad.

    Steam isn’t very bureaucratic, i didn’t needed to open a company or anything, and they literally send the money directly to your bank account, no PayPal or anything like that.

  • That's really bad indeed. I've never understood their lack of interest on steam support. So for the Duck Souls you just used an old version of NWjs like you did with Pinkman? I'm aware of the 3rd party plugin Steam4C2 and people used love it. Do you know if they are porting this plugin to C3?

    About the bureaucracy I asked it because you know the government we have, right? :P

  • I've never understood their lack of interest on steam support.

    hi kossglobal, I think it is not a lack of interest, but a matter of having a lot of subjects to work on and decide which one will be worked on first. :)

  • Scirra does provide a Greenworks plugin, but it doesn't work very well, theoretically you can only unlock achievements and activate the overlay with the Greenworks plugin, so there's no way to access the leaderboards for example.

    I added an idea for the achievement-popup part:

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  • mumu64 In my opinion Steam support is a top priority for any engine, don't you think? I rather think they are working on it right now and that will release it in a near future, specially because, as far as I know, we don't have 3rd party plugin for it yet.

    Anyway, I hope we have steam support for when I acquire C3. :P

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