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  • Hello all,

    I switched to C3 after hitting a wall with GMS2..

    Started working on C3 on Sunday, the game is almost complete by now:


    Bugs I still need to sort out:

    1. How to make it go full screen on mobile web (not to mention how to make it work as an app, no idea)
    2. Why isn't the localstorage working on Gamejolt?
    3. Seems like the loading of all the assets on the web page is messing up the game. maybe I should add a loader with internal loading of assets?


  • 1. There are full screen options in the Browser object, to make an app there are export options for APK and also a manual with tutorials

    2. Local storage is working...

    3. What do you mean by messing up the game? looks fine

  • Thanks for the tip about the browser object, will check tmrw.

    Interesting.. I ran it on two machines, and my mobile phone, and on both the high score would not save. So for you, it did? Have an idea why it doesn't work when I try it? I'm running the game on all ocasions on Chrome, maybe it has to do with that?

    The load for me looked iffy. Sometimes it messed up the game if I hit a keybpard key tpp early, character would jump outside the screen. Often the logo is massive, too big for the screen, and only after a second it works out.. so those tell me the game isn't fully loaded when I try to play, I need to wait for a second or two first.

  • Oh and the facebook posting button, got to make it work. Got a good guide on that?

    All I want is to post an image and a text on the user's wall. Sounds simple enough..

    I think I need to ask the user to log in first (I hope I don't have to though, I hope I can just launch the app maybe? - on a phone) and I think I need to ask for a specifi permission, but I couldn't figure out which one

  • Ah okay I didn't try to test it like playing too early I just waited and then played. High score is saving on my chrome yep. I've not used Facebook but there is an easy to use plugin I guess and again the manual and tutorials should help.

  • weird about local save. i need to investigate that further. I still think it has to do with loading all the game first.

    Full screen doesn't work for me, and I suspect it has to do with the viewport size, will investigate later.

    A friend of mine who also tested the game tells me he gets no sounds - also I suspect it has to do with loading.

    Cheers for the help mate, I will try to do custome loading first and then I will update

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  • Ok I think I got the full screen thing to work properly on both desktop and mobile (the build hasn't been updated yet). However, on mobile the bottom bar (that has the "back" android key) is still showing. Any way of hiding it? (you know, so it shows back up with a swipe up?)

    I couldn't find documentation about this, so I'm guessing SOL?

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