A Demo of my first game. Would like some feedback!

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  • https://gamejolt.com/games/MagicArrow/441946

    Please give it a try!

  • I figure I should at least show a screenshot.

  • Very nicely done! Graphics look great, the arrow mechanic works very well. Took me a minute or two to figure out to match the color or the arrow to the bad guys.

    good job!

  • I thought this was pretty fun! Good work.

    A few things I noticed. My top score always showed zero and never changed. Also, I knocked back the enemies pretty far and would get an awesome combo to where they were almost off the screen, however, the game would accelerate for about .25 seconds and move them all forward. It was almost punishment for doing a really good. I"m not sure if that is what you intended or not. Otherwise, good job!

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  • Thanks for taking the time to play and for the feedback!

    A tutorial is in the works so I'll keep your comments in mind.


    I haven't implemented a global scoreboard yet, however it should save locally. Are you clicking on Retry? Perhaps its not saving unless you exit, which is something I probably overlooked.

    As for the speed up, yes, it's intentional. There's a small yellow arrow on the bottom that's supposed to indicate the minimum enemy line. Clearly I didn't make it obvious enough. Any suggestions would be nice! The artist I'm working with suggested a dashed line across the screen but I thought that would be too jarring. I was thinking maybe a flag or something to indicate the vanguard. Any thoughts?


  • I went back and played it again and I did use the retry button and the score still didn't save. I'm using the same browser and not closing it or clicking back, just the retry button.

    I see the yellow arrow now. I had my laptop screen blocking the very bottom of my main screen and didn't see it before. I think it is fine being a little yellow arrow. I agree with you, a dashed line across the screen may be distracting unless they can make it subtle some how. Over all I still think it is fun and challenging.

  • Alright, it turns out that the problem was the events that run after pressing retry. I haven't uploaded the new build yet but I think I fixed it!

    again, thanks for your time!

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