Dare or Not

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  • Test yourself and your friends!

    A fun game for any company.

    Want to have fun, learn your friends better? Or do you want to test yourself? Then this game is for you!

    Forget the "Bottles" and "Throwing Coins" - "Weakly Not Weak" Game # 1 for entertainment with friends.

    To participate in the game you need at least two members.

    Gather around the application and get ready for uncomfortable and fun tasks!

    ● The game is available in three languages - Русский, Українська, English

    ● Hundreds of original, fun and challenging tasks for the game "Dare or Not"!

    ● Three game modes, Home (Indoors), On the Street and for the most extreme 18+

    ● Ability to enter player names, ideal for large companies and parties!

    ● Regular release of questions for the game and other updates.

    Try the best application "Dare or Not" right NOW!

    Download it here


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