Coloristic 2 - Minimalistic mobile puzzle game

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • My newest game will be released on 10th October 2019 on the iOS Appstore. Android release will follow shortly after.


    Game description

    Coloristic 2 is a colorful minimalistic puzzle game. It is a sequel to the successful game Coloristic from 2017.

    Think logically and solve challenges by dragging multiple paths on a grid.

    Various gameplay variations ensures that the game remains challenging and entertaining as you progress further.

    It is easy to learn but hard to master.

    Are you still the master of color?

    Game features

    • Clever puzzle mechanics

    • 120 handcrafted and challenging levels

    • Minimalistic graphics

    • Gamecenter with Achievements & Leaderboard

    • Haptic Feedback (On supported devices)

    • English & German language

    • No InApp purchases

    • No Ads




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  • Congrats for the release of your minimalist but clean-looking game!

    Look fun and interesting, having to use our brain is something that I like.

    I'll try it tonight.

    Can't wait to release my first game on iOS too in a few days (if I can get past a last bug that make my game crash on startup), my game is "minimalist" and "brain-teaser" too and it was my best fit among my web games for a "simple" first try.

    Again, congrats!


    Did you translate your game in french with Google Translate? If yes I can verify if there is some things to correct when I'll play it.

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