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  • Hey! After looking at how many people are laying out masterpieces here, I was already ashamed of what I did, but still I'm just learning and I managed to do at least something working) If you download, look and leave a review what to change or a suggestion to add, then I will be grateful to you!

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  • Update 0.1.1

    Added a new background.

    The background is now all over the app!

    Fixed bug when purchases were not saved.

    Fixed a bug when the purchased skin was not applied.

    added a button in the main menu to enable or disable vibration.

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  • Update 0.2.1

    It happened!

    A new "Speed" mode has been added:

    After a while, the "chip" disappears and appears in a new place.

    Every 25 successful clicks on a "chip" the speed will increase.

    There are 5 lives!

    There are 5 misses in one life.

    One life is restored every 15 minutes.

    If you have less than 4 button lives in the main menu, you will restore one life!

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