CGA Fast Forger - Back to the 80's scamming with the CGA palette!

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  • CGA Fast Forger - link w/ free download (PC OSX, PC Windows). More screenshots on itch.

    Using 1984 IBM PC Paint, quickly forge CGA masterpieces for an eccentric art collector. You only have 90 seconds for each forgery, will your painting pass muster with the eccentric collector or will you fail and have to go back to working at the Byte Shop, fixing ancient IBM clones in the back room? Inspired by the wonderful Sloppy Forgeries!


    • Classic four color CGA palette with four brushes to unlock the full breadth of your Old-School Paint technique.
    • Global Leaderboard per picture where you can browse other artists creations and post your own - if you achieve mastery!
    • Seven grand masterpieces to recreate.

    Game stream from soshikihakase (in Japanese.)

  • Wow :) This is wonderful!

    How long did it take you to complete this?

  • Good question, it was an exercise for an indie dev course FGGS.

    So, I saw the inspiration (Sloppy Forgeries) on Sunday at Day of the Dev and then I soft-launched ('in development') on on the next Sunday. It got some small attention and some streamers. I spent the next week tweaking for uploading pictures and adding a high score per picture and then did a 'full' release.

    It was definitely a good exercise, so a week (of part-time) to soft launch and a week (of part-time) to final. A lot of the work was around Playfab and uploading pictures via JS and PHP (w/ a rathole to exporting pictures to Base64 thrown in, which I did not end up using.)

    As part of the exercise, also posting to social and forums a little to see if it can get any traction (reddit was nothing, a natural response on itch got a couple hundred downloads, a couple streamers picked it up and there were a handful more.)

    Interestingly, after the final launch, around 300 viewed the devlog announcing the launch, but less than 10% of those actually downloaded the new version - I guess the new features were not compelling enough and people got their enjoyment out of trying the first versions or I did not sell the new features too well.)

    BTW, I am really impressed by your HTML element plugin, really nice work and I'm thinking about how to use it. What are your plans for using it in a game or product?

  • Your experience is very interesting.

    I would have bet on at least a month of work: I played a little and I think it really well done. Instead my skills as a painter are embarrassing :D

    I did not know about this course (but will they still do it?). It's interesting to see the process of releasing a new game.

    Thank you! I started creating my plugin thinking of a system for managing menus in games. Then I started adding features and the plug-in grew into something more general. I think it's more useful for apps than for games. I tested it with electron and it seems to me that it has potential (

  • Hey great efforts! They may pass muster with the eccentric collector!

    Ah, I see on the plugin, in terms of using it for apps, also as you said I could see using it for Menu GUI too.

  • This is pretty cool! Could be really funny as a party game :D

    I wonder if you could utilize Mouselock or something to draw an interpolated line for fast mouse movements.

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  • Thanks CJ !

    Good suggestion on Mouselock and interpolation, I'll take a look at that.

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