"Catacumbas" - A free roguelike RPG

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  • The game’s atmosphere is nice, especially better now with sound effects and music. The current music is good, but becomes too repetitive after listening it for 30plus levels. I turned the music volume down.

    You are right, I'm making some new musics that will be played during the game

    Suggestion: It would be nice if you could add a changelog to the menu :)

    For now, you can see a more detailed changelog on my facebook page facebook.com/68kstudios

    About the shooting enemies, I've added this behaviour to other monsters, like the Floating Eyes in the first levels. So you don't need to reach level 37 again to see some variety :D

    Thank you again ;)

  • The game is also on Itch.io with a new update


  • New update with some bug fix and a lot of small improvements.

    You can play "Catacumbas" here: 68kstudios.itch.io/catacumbas

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  • -I see you have improved the UI greatly. It’s really shaping up nicely, now.

    -Minimap improvements as well. Nice!

    -Feels much more challenging now, at least for the first level.

    *One bug/oversight: I still could find a trap at a distance when I was blinded by another trap. I think I reported this before as well? Can’t remember.

    -Definitely more challenging! I finally died in your game! YAY! I had never seen the game over screen before. This is awesome!

    -Floating eyes are now ranged, that’s awesome. BUT, they don’t telegraph their attack clearly, so it’s confusing at first when trying to understand why you are losing hp.

    *If you could make it that, both melee and ranged enemies, telegraph their attacks. Maybe melee enemies’ sprites just move rapidly and “hit” the player sprite, and the ranged attacks leave behind a trail of particles that disappear slowly?

    -Aaah, I hear additional music! AWESOME! Is the music now based on dungeon type?

    *The “nothing equipped” icon on the shop looks like a quarterstaff. Could you change it to an “X”?

    It's nice to go back to this game and to see its development. Now that it has become more challenging, it's more my taste. The old "start as knight and stack armor" doesn't work, at least not immediately.


  • Windwalker Thank you ;)

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