[C3] Post screenshots of what you're working on!

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  • More or less plays like Castlevania games such as Symphony of the Night, except stages are linear. Basically a somewhat fast-paced action game in which I want to implement a ton of bosses and a bunch of playable characters as reasons to revisist it on occasions. I'd like to make it fairly friendly to speedrunning, but somehow I feel this'll take some effort on my end x)

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    The video is pretty much up to date, except I've redone the character portraits since then, the old ones just looked off to me. That and the running speed is also greater nowadays.

    Hopefully my laziness doesn't prevent me from uploading some kind of demo soon! If I could just do it before Smash Ultimate comes out... when it does I won't be able to get anything done for months! x)

  • Finished implementing everything I usually have in my games for this little Platformer Template. it contains the following things, that I hope to release soon to my patrons on https://patreon.com/SalmanShh

    • - Camera Director System
    • - Coyote Time (For Jumping)
    • - Ledge Grab
    • - Wave Dashing
    • - Easy Toggle Platforming Abilities.
    • - Easily disabled Animation juicing (Squash & Stretch/ Angle Wiggle / Angle Tilt)
    • - Correctly Triggered Animations
    • - 8 Directional aiming
    • - Keyboard & Mouse Support
    • - Ready made juice functions (SlowMo / zoom to Position / Zoom by % / Screenshake)
    • - Debug Controls (Restart / Slow Mo)
  • wolf that plays basketball.

  • Salman_Shh you crazy ^^ haha nice game ideas.

  • Salman_Shh you crazy ^^ haha nice game ideas.

    hehehe I'll take that as a compliment😂

  • Released the 3rd publicly available project since starting the patreon (for construct stuff). this "Advanced Platformer Template" Project contains a lot of stuff.


    would love any support :)

  • Working on the space shooter game.

    more on Twitter

  • Testing html web pages created with Construct3.

    hello el3um4s, nice idea. What happens (roughly) when the submit button is pressed? I did not understand it, from looking at the c3p-file.

    Hi VonFirflirch, nice graphics and gameplay! Your YT video looks like a speed run, that itself was interesting to see. :) The powers look fun and original. Are the loading screens cosmetical or necessary (if so, why)?

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  • Hello mumu64

    In the demo, the submit button show an alert with a pseudo JSON with the form's content. This is for testing purpose.

    I override the submit event and I use "on click".

    I set the global variable resultForm with the form's content.

    The expression GetValue("name") returns the value for the element with ID = "name".

    The expression HTMLgetVALUE returns the value for the element selected.

    The expression HTMLgetValueRadio(radioName) returns the value for the radio element with name=radioName.

    The expression GetCheckedStatusQuerySelector(selectors) return the value for a radio element selected with a Document.querySelector()

  • Working on the space shooter game.

    more on Twitter

    whoa.....that looks tight !

  • Hello mumu64

    Thank you for the explanation.

  • mumu64, thank you for the kind words :D

    The one before a stage is 100% cosmetical and has been drastically shortened since then, because I got sick of it, testing the game so much (or at least wasting a lot of time hoping I'm doing it right!) x) That and the screen wasn't nearly as cool as I thought it would be!

    The door ones are intentional. Since the game keeps track of your time, I encourage trying to go fast, making things a bit frantic, so I thought a bit of respite for the player would be needed. Since time doesn't advance during them anyway, I guess I could make it a customisable thing?

  • New test: a landing page created with Construct3.

  • A few screens from my fully random generated game i'm making. These are just the first few screens, mind you. Decent start, I think.

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