[C3] Post screenshots of what you're working on!

  • Salman_Shh Adding themes is pretty cool! Not sure if you've looked at it before but the Advanced Random plugin has some useful stuff for interpolating colours.

    Nepeo I had forgotten about that, might look into it later on i choose to do something a little more ambitious, currently just making custom themes as a possible cosmetic item for my game, it was originally just an experiment to try making the game look more pleasing.

  • started working on a custom level chunk editor for my game so I can pump out more chunks for the procedurally generated levels portion of my game.

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  • started working on a custom level chunk editor for my game so I can pump out more chunks for the procedurally generated levels portion of my game.

    Awesome! That's really useful!

  • Are videos allowed in here?

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    Prototyping a new character controller, this is easily the best feeling platformer physics I've made so far. Everything is with the physics object but it feels snappy and tight.

    Art process is copying the style of Daniel Linssen's wonderful Roguelight managore.itch.io/roguelight - hoping to see how I can adapt this technique into something more unique but art is difficult for me. The character was drawn and animated by my friend from an old project we were working on.

  • Finishing my first game on Steam!


  • My project

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  • made a fully featured custom level chunk editor using only default plugins and events. creating and reading JSON strings for creating levels chunks, all done using the default JSON plugin that was introduced quite recently.

    it was all done to create procedurally generated levels by stringing together prefab/pre-designed chunks, and since there isn't a C3 feature for creating prefabs in a similar fashion to Unity.

  • Nice work Salman_Shh. Looks really tidy, and impressively well featured. You say you've been using the JSON plugin for it, do you have any feedback? I feel like it's got quite a mature feature set now, but I'm aware it's uses have grown beyond the initial concept.

  • Nepeo if I had any feedback it would probably have been nice if there was more info on how to use specific actions for building up a JSON string but that's easily amendable with an example project just showing adding and removing values as well as filling out object arrays.

    I hope to make a quick free example project soon since there were users who were interested but we're feeling intimidated about using JSON + some intermediate users didn't know it was possible to write a JSON string via the plugin (heck I didn't know till I had a reason to use it and experimented a bit with it)

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