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It's a very interesting and hard quest. It so hard that there is not way to win!
  • Hello there!

    This is my first ever videogame!

    It's a Simple level of a 2D platformer video game made in Construct 3 Free version, which is a program that compiles logic based events.

    All the assets used in the project are royalty free, modified or purchased, except for the Playable character Bunny (Concept, puppet, animation, icons, etc.) I've designed myself.

    I also wanted to make the Parallax background effect and touch controls to test it in the mobile version but I was a little limited by the free version tool. I had a lot of fun and learning experience through the process.

    I've implemented pause and reset controls, carrot collectibles system, player's life system, weapon select system, AI for enemies, state control system, etc...

    Design process steps:

    I always start making a list of tasks/features that I would like to have, image/art references, assets that I own and could be helpful, etc.

    1) Define goals and specifications. i.e.: The player needs to move (left, right and jump) as a platformer.

    2) Make the logic. i.e.: When the Left or right key is pressed the player moves.

    3) Asset Design. In this step I've designed the character in Photoshop and the animations in Dragon Bones (similar to Spine but free)

    4) Assemble. Then I've attached the logic to the animations, i.e.: When player is moving play "walk" animation.

    5) Test and refine. Iterate. Start with the next task.


    *Bunny character animations - Watch Video here

    - Or patomdp.github.io/conejo/bunny-animations.html

    -Attack heavy (Z)

    -Attack Light (X)

    -Magic Attack (C)

    -Jump and double jump (up arrow)

    -Move-Walk (left and right)

    -Run (space while moving)

    -Die (when Player HP reaches to 0)

    *Player UI faces: (in left up corner)

    -Angry state and regular State (default)

    -Happy and blink state (when player gets a life)

    -Dead State (when player HP reaches to 0)

    *Music added: Background music, FX music, UI sounds, animations, etc.

    *GUI implementation: pause, play and reset game.

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  • I like the bunny character, nice style! The bandaid when he 'dies' is a fun touch.

    FYI I helped create a Spine plugin which can probably work with your Dragon Bones character if you export the character in Spine JSON format and convert to Spine 3.8 JSON (there is a converter on the plugin website.) It may help make the transitions between animations smoother (you can add a default mix time between animations.)

    However, in general it's a little more complicated than doing a Sprite w/ an animation sheet.


  • Hello Mikal Thanks for your comment!

    I will try the plugging tip later to see how it works :)

    BTW I forgot to post the Link to the game in Itchio, so here it is in case you would like to test it out --> https://patomdp.itch.io/bunnyquest

    Unfortunately it doesn't let me edit the previous post.

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