BuildFall 2 : Drag, Stack & Smash : Play a perfect blend of Creation & Destruction!

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  • Drag! Merge! Stack! Build! Smash! Play a perfect blend of Creation & Destruction.

    Trailer :

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    Whenever you feel creative or destructive BuildFall 2 is the perfect game for you to play.

    This game unveils to you the creative side of your mind. Play with blocks of different shape & architectural styles, stack them and design your creative masterpiece.

    And you can Smash that building it with your fingers too.

    Features :

    Simple Drag & Merge Gameplay

    Over 40 Blocks with 8 Architectural Styles to Explore

    Play & Complete Over 200 Levels

    Relieve Stress by Smashing Builds from around the world

    Beautify your Creations by Unlocking Over 75 Backgrounds

    Pick your favorite Colors for Blocks

    Best Creations of Day/Week/Month are Selected

    Youtube Link :

    Google Play Store :

  • Very nice game. This looks very good and something I can get into. Your game is very well designed and it's not only just a simple build and tear down game. It has a lot of features surprisingly and levels to go through thats over 200 if you decide to challenge yourself after you get down building or tearing down. Very mind stimulating as well and I Know this will sell good. Congrats!

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  • Thanks GamerDude96 for all the kind words! I am very happy to know you liked my game!

    I am also adding levels for smashing the builds down within a time limit, will hopefully release that within a few days. Stay tuned :)

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