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  • Hello !

    I have created with Contruct 3 a kind of online drum machine to allow non-musicians to play tekno for fun.

    It's not really a game, but not really made for making seriously music either ^^.

    It's still in beta phase, but I think it's enought to make it public :)

    Thanks to dop2000 for helping me for the rotary knob part.

    Please tell me what you think about it.

  • This is seriously awesome! Congrats!

  • I agree. That is impressive. I love seeing people using C3 to make non-game apps.

    C3 has the potential to do so much more than just games.

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  • Thanks a lot for you nice comments.

    For a first project I'm glad it works, even if of course I still have lot of improvement to make :)

  • great job! how did you manage sync? last I tried to do sync with multi tracks in C3 it didn't work very well.

    one thing I might add, is some sort of moving progress bar (on the button) when the button is yellow to tell you that it will soon be green, same with going red to off.

  • Thanks :)

    To be sure it is almost always sync, I have set a timer of 4 measure that restart loops at each end of the timer. So each loop is reset every 4 mesure. The bad side is that sometimes it may cuts a little.

    I tryed with "scheduled next play but i had an issue (not sure to remember exactly which one) I'll give another try later to get rid of theses small cuts.

    I have no dev background, so i guess my code is totally a mess and could be improved way better. I'll try to improve it brick by bricks :)

    I totaly agree for the "time progress bar", maybe I'll do it for the green state too.

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