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    And it's add-on

    The add-on will be used for the perspective effect.

    It's time... To test the game's level design. How good is the level design? How good are the mechanics? Do I need to add more mechanics?

    Keep in mind, there are no animations in this game, and the backgrounds are unfinished. This late in the game's development. What the heck?

    This game is only compatible with a controller and keyboard, on the controller, you press A to jump, just like every other platforming game, and you press the D-pad to move, just like games on the NES.

    The main mechanic is bouncing off of enemies. Enemies are used as stepping Stones in this game, and every enemy respawns after 1 second. The respawn function for the purple dino is broken.

    The green squares (placeholder graphics) are birds, that swoop down at the player.

  • I haven't built level 3 at all, that's why you should exclude this level. I don't want people saying level 3 is bad, because I haven't even built it yet!

  • I thought I included everything important about the game, did I miss anything?

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  • I was able to download it and get it running... You don't have to provide the whole thing to get feedback. You could export it to the arcade so people can run it without having to install addons.

    You are doing great - keep at it! Obviously making a game is hard work and takes lots of learning and testing. I am not sure the bird in the first level respawns properly - if I don't jump at the first one, it never came back. I know you have said designing levels is hard work - (you are right!) so keep working. The more you do, the better it will get.

  • Oh, well, I'll try my best to fix the enemy respawn glitches!

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