Bay Street Tycoon - A 6 Player Canadian Stock Market Board Game, Playable Live or over Zoom/MS Teams

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  • I made this game from my home during the covid-19 pandemic. The game is loosely inspired by the 1937 out of print board game stock ticker a Canadian classic in many homes including mine growing up. The first week of the Pandemic my nephews and my brother were playing the boardgame stock ticker being 3000 miles away and locked down in a quarantine by the province, Jealous I could not play with them, I looked for a game that was close that I could play online with them... it did not exist.

    So I proceed to make a version in excel where I was able to get the dice mechanism complete, but I soon found there were great limitations with excel which I would never overcome, I needed a game engine. So I bought a course on to program games using construct 3. Over the next 7 weeks I created Bay street Tycoon for you, my friends and family.

    Let me know what you think. Be gentle its my first game and I just spent the past 7 weeks building it :-)


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