Automate Characters with Goal Oriented Action Planning (GOAP) AI - Demo / Tutorial / Project File

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  • Hi all!

    Below is a link to a demo that utilizes a Goal Oriented Action Planning or GOAP AI. I created a YouTube tutorial which goes along with it. In the tutorial, I cover how to plan out your goals, actions, weights, preconditions, and results and then implement them in the engine with a pseudo code walk through. Makes use of Dictionaries, Arrays, and JSON Objects to achieve it. I encourage you to download the file (itch link below) and follow along / tinker to consider how you can implement in your games! Let me know if you determine some more effective ways of implementing, this was my first time implementing so there is likely more efficient methods - Cheers!

    Note: I had to remove the art in the downloadable file so you will see some some beautiful squares running around if you download and open it :)

    Demo + Project File:

    Video Tutorial (subscribe if you enjoy, 33 subscribers and counting woohoo :D)

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