arcade style games with an NFT hook

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  • Hello everyone and how are you all doing? I have been pretty quiet on this forums for several years, but know I never stopped using Construct 2/3. It's still my go to engine for anything 2D. I've mostly been using it to make Board Game helper apps for the last several years (

    Around March of this year I began to think of an NFT project and I wanted to base it around some of my passions, Arcade games and Arcade cabinets. project began and I wanted to share it real quick because it really shows off the power of Construct 3.

    The current website (blue one) is really a place holder while we get the final website built up, which should be coming soon.

    If you are not familiar with NFTs, they are digital assets with proof of ownership via the blockchain.

    Here is a quick video explaining how the project will work.

    The NFTs sort of act like a key to allow you to play the 5 games created for this project. Playing the games updates the high score table for your specific NFT (arcade cabinet). You can't play the games unless you own one of the NFTs for that game.

    The software engineer I hired created all the Smart Contracts and a back end that allows me to access them via API calls. It's really pretty slick. I am able to use JS code in Construct to make these API calls that call the smart contracts and make updates to the blockchain.

    The next thing we will be doing is implementing a stream game service (like stadia) to bypass any kind of cheating by injecting code during play.

    If you are interested in the project, I have a discord I started up.

    I hope to bring on other game developers in the future if this project grows like I hope it does.

    I'll try to update this thread as things develop. Right now we are working on the new website, getting ready to launch the Promotional Poster NFTs for each game and much more.

    Ashley and team, thanks again for making an amazing product.

  • I am also Very interested NFTs and possible integration of a digit wallet!

    so definitely keep us posted with how it goes.

  • So, you will have only 5 different types? Why would someone want to buy/sell them? What gives one cabinet more value over another cabinet?

    There are 5 Games.

    Each Game has 1,441 NFTs in total.

    8 Rarities for each, numbered.

    For example the base or common NFT will have 1000, so each of those 1,000 will be numbered like 1/1,000, 2/1,000 up to 1,000/1,1000.

    1,000, 250, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1

    Those are the rarities for each game. The NFTs are different for each rarity, having a different background, asset tag and music.

    Typically the rarity gives them more value, or lower numbers in some rarities. With the NFTs holding onto high scores it will be interesting to see how that changes value. Are empty cabs worth more than ones with scores? Are the cabinets with the overall top scores more coveted? We won't know until they are release to the wild, and that is part of the fun.

    When the cabinets are initially purchased they come in a "Crate". When the crate is opened it randomly pulls a preminted NFT from the pool of those remaining.

    People can buy and sell them on the Opensea marketplace.

    Does that answer your question?

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  • Sorry, I went back to your site and reread it more carefully. That's why I deleted my original post.

    Thank you for the in depth explanation. I signed up!

  • Sorry, I went back to your site and reread it more carefully. That's why I deleted my original post.

    Thank you for the in depth explanation. I signed up!

    No worries buddy, I'm always happy to explain. One the new site is fully finished I can start making some tutorial videos that will help clarify some stuff as well. It's why I haven't really been spreading the word too much yet. :)

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