Advanced Dialogue Pack (late 2020 release)

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  • Hi !

    I've been working for a while on this advanced tool to handle dialogues. I know of course Magistross great Dialogue System Template, but I wanted to go further. I experienced dialogue management in different softwares, essentially while trying to make Visual Novel or RPGs.

    My goal was to build a powerful tool that could suit any type of games, easy to use, with lot of flexibility. And I'm almost done.

    What can you expect from Advanced Dialogue Pack ?

    • JSON centralized dialogue file
    • Organize your Dialogues in a Context (referencing a Layout by default)
    • Each Dialogue has multiple Versions depending on what's happening in your game. You don't have to manage conditional branches : just activate or deactivate Events
    • Complete and easy to read UI, with Categories when your file becomes to big.
    • A large set of Commands, easy to integrate with Command Markers that does not affect your sequence readability
    • Use Models to copy paste common Sequence through all your script
    • Complete and complex management of Faces
    • Test your game and modify Dialogues on the fly

    The project is separated in two parts : Editor, and Player. Editor will be over August, and Player will follow in the next few months. A complete demo will be release then!

    Waiting for that, here are some screenshots!

    Have a good creation folks!

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