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  • Hello!

    My name's Guy, I'm the main programmer for Team Scynix.

    With our main project finally being put to rest, I'v been using Construct 3 to prototype some dungeon generating systems for our next project.

    It started off as an attempt to recreate a Metroid Prime-esque mini-map but quickly devolved into a what I'm showing today.

    This whole prototype was made possible using FunkyQuad which can be found here;


    All of this is using only one Layout, the generation process is entirely based on the minimap. All the doors are doing is changing the X/Y and reseting the layout.

    Basically; the room shapes itself based on your current X/Y on the minimap and the walls snap to specific points depending on what type of "Room" you're in.

    Although its still a bit rough around the edges, you can try it yourself HERE

    You can move using WASD and use the scroll wheel to shift the camera.

    (Also please wait for the generation process to finish before moving/turning the camera)

    I'v also posted a video on my twitter if you want to see it in action without downloading anything; twitter.com/ScynixDev/status/1246285637982072833

    While it still needs a bit of R&D, I'm really proud how it turned out!

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  • Whoops, Hyper link broke. You can download it here;


  • Nice work! I don't know why, but I really like this idea of 2D map generating 3D, but the game logic all driven by Construct 2D logic, which makes it so easy to develop for. Have you made further progress on this?

    I have a similar demo in FQZ, also Uberdroid's template does something similar, but renders with raycasting and is nice too. uberdroidgames.itch.io/construct-ray-casting-game-kit

    I am looking forward to seeing your progress!

  • Indeed I have!

    I was planning on sharing a bit more once I had the rooms a bit more fleshed out, but I suppose there's no harm in spilling the beans a bit.

    One of the biggest improvements is the depth I added to the walls


    I also made the walls and floor as sprites, so doing things changing theme or even adding animations will be made easy.

    Another thing of note is the dynamic shadow system, which was a real head-scratcher for the longest time since it interfered with the wall's depth system.

    But thanks to the help from the people on this forums, I made it work!


    Though I wouldn't recommend doing something like this unless you use very simple geometry like I do.

    If you don't; spot shadows will do just fine.

    I wouldn't wish that headache on anyone.

    One other thing that Im particularly proud of is the camera tilt.


    This one was fairly simple to pull off, here's what holding the walls in place;

    On this sprite, I'v placed a multitude of ImagePoints as anchors for the walls including the pillars.

    All I had to do was squish the Sprite's height, and Voila!

    Of course, this effect only works if the camera is at a 0 degree angle. But for this project, it'll be perfect.

    Here's the latest version for those who want to try it out themselves;


    You can switch between "battle" and "Exploration" mode by pressing "1" or "2",

    Battle mode is what activates the tilt.

    Right now I'v taken a bit of a break on the generation process and I'm now working on some of the more technical aspects like Inventory and character stats.

    Its looking good so far!


  • That's great progress! I really like the shadows and tilt, along with minimal art style this will look really good.

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