About single word into two word translation.

  • Hello Ashley, I need some clarification.

    Should words like savegames, Spritesheet, Line of Sight, AND, OR, Boolean be translated or stay the same?

    IF they need to be translated:

    Case 1:

    Some of the words in Serbian like savegame and Spritesheet just don't exist as a single word or at all, so can I use two words to describe it?

    Case 2:

    Line of Sight & LOS can't be translated directly, so can I translate them into Linija vidljivosti & LV

    Case 3:

    What a about true, false, should those stay the same or be translated?

    Thanks in advance.

  • I don't know, I don't speak Serbian. It's up to your judgement how to translate terms. However the purpose of translations is so that somebody with no knowledge of English at all can still reasonably use the software, so in general I think it's best to translate, except where there is a de-facto English term that is still used as-is.

    Also expression translations require that there is no space, as described in the translation guidelines.

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  • Sometimes it helps to see how other software (for example Office) is translated.

    In my language (Dutch) the word "SAVE", for example, is translated in Office.

    But in a programming language I am not sure if and what you translate.

    "Line of sight" is, in my opinion, not a core concept of a programming language and feels it can be translated into your language as you proposed.

    (I am learning a little bit Croatian, so I somewhat understand your translation)

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