150 problems in Turkish translation as of 2020-11-10

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  • A recent update to the Turkish translation has increased the number of problems to 150. The list is available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hfjvrogr9vcwvtl/tr-TR-2020-11-10.txt?dl=0

    They will all need to be corrected before the in-progress translation in the Construct editor is updated again.

    The translation currently has many systematic mistakes characteristic of using machine translation. Please do not use machine translation, like Google Translate, when translating Construct 3. It is an inappropriate tool that results in poor quality translations. These translations will then fail later quality reviews and have to be re-done, resulting in wasted effort and taking longer before the translation is ready. Translation rewards will NOT be issued for use of machine translation.

  • Hello Ashley. I recently dropped in and performed several translations to the Turkish language. Been a couple days. I am running a translation company in Turkey, actually, and performed translations for several programs before. What I noticed was some terms were not used globally, and some terms do not have direct turkish counterparts and should instead use the original, programming language versions. I took it upon myself to overhaul some of the previous translations to the most current and up-to-date use of programming terminology we use as interpreters. Is the problem you mention related to such changes that I could have made? Please contact me via personal message if you believe it is.

  • Ashley oh sorry, I wasn't here since the old days of Construct 2, and didn't notice the private messaging option going missing.

    And I don't think the problem is related to my translations, but if you would like to discuss the issue further please contact me.

  • Please note due to apparently inactivity all entries with problems will be mass-deleted on January 18th unless they are fixed before then.

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  • The problematic entries have now been deleted. The language can now continue to be updated in future Construct releases.

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