230 problems in Swedish translation as of 2019-11-11

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  • 230 translation problems were recently introduced to the Swedish translation. These are listed below and will need to be fixed before the in-progress translation in Construct 3 can be updated again. Most of these appear to be whitespace issues. Be sure to see the translation guidelines to ensure your translations are correct.

    The report is too long to post to the forum so can be found here instead:


  • Moritz: Will you fix your contributions? Looks like you got a'lot of entries that starts with a new row.

    And there is also some bbcode that has white spaces inside their tags. A error that's common when using google translate.


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  • I must point out Google Translate is not an appropriate way to translate the user interface of software with its own specialist vocabulary. For this reason we do not issue rewards to translators who use machine translation.

  • I speak swedish, some of your "swedish" translations are quite hilarious... :)

    Växla lökhuden

    Quad-fråga prestanda

    Vid last annonsfel

    På showen annonsframgång

    konstruktion 2 runtime



    I think you need to put more time into this and really look into every string you are translating, to fully understand what it actually means. Not just to translate the words in a translator engine.

  • Exactly!

    There are sentences that make no sense at all =), probably because of a quick'n'dirty translation.

    But we need to give the contributors the possibility to correct their own sentences.

  • Ashley

    Could you run your test-tools to check for errors again.


    Please take your time when translating, we got a lot of simple copy'n'paste errors that we should be able to avoid.

    Some words and sentences are harder to get a native translation for, but let us fix this together!


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