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  • Hi fellow translators,

    I have finished up all the translations on the dutch language, and I'm currently correcting spelling mistakes and capitals issues (lowercase/uppercase).

    I asked the question to the guys at scirra, what to do with the expressions. Do we translate them? As it stands I didn't translate the expressions, that is, I just copy pasted the english expression. However, some of you fellow translators did do it, so it's a bit of a mixed model now.

    The official scirra answer to the question is : "it's up to the community".

    So well, what do we do?

    One of the points they are making is: it's meant for children who are starting off with development and are not fluent in English. I get that. But my 2cents on this one is:

    Once you start of with complex expressions in Construct 3, you're already a while underway. It's no longer just assigning a behavior or setting up some properties. In my opinion, when a young child (that doesn't speak english) is doing some more complex stuff, the help of an adult will be necessary. If an older child (say 14, 15, 16) is doing it, he/she will already understand enough English I presume.

    Furthermore: how the hell do you translate sqrt ? vktswtl?

    If I were an adult using the dutch language, I would search the hell of the expressions to be honest.

    So, in conclusion I'm not in favour, but I would like to hear from you guys. Also, translators to other languages are free to give their opinion on what they did.

    Hoping to move forward on this one & make a consensus!



  • If you look in settings, there's an option to translate expressions. So if you want to use the UI in Dutch but see all expressions in English, you can do that by unticking "Translate expressions".

    Since that already gives you a way to see all expressions in English, I'd advise translating all expressions. Besides, the intent is for someone with no knowledge of English at all to be able to use the software, so for that type of user it would be best for no English terms to appear at all (unless they are de-facto terms/"borrow words" in the native language that everybody would understand).

  • Allright, thank you for the feedback.

    I'll go ahead and translate all remaining expressions.

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  • The expressions have been translated in the best way possible. If anyone could provide feedback, that 'd be great!

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