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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • I just finished Czech translation, hurray!

    Status: Needs proof reading

    I have not yet tested it thoroughly, so I would welcome anyone testing it and reporting typos or suggestions for improving individual phrase translation. Please use this thread to report - include always full Czech string (either with typo or suggestion) and your proposed translation.

    Such as:

    špatne: "Príliš žlutoucký ku úpel dábelské ódy" - správne: "Príliš žlutoucký kun úpel dábelské písne"

    Below see basic terms translation:

    • 9-patch ... 9-ti dílný obrázek
    • Action ... Akce
    • Behavior ... Chování
    • Bullet ... Náboj
    • Event ... Událost
    • Trigger ... Událost
    • Layout ... Plocha
    • Destroy ... Zrušit
    • Disabled ... Vypnuto
    • Enabled ... Zapnuto
    • Image point ... Obrazový bod
    • jump-thru ... Proskocitelný
    • Origin ... Pivot, Pivotní bod
    • Sprite ... Sprite
    • Viewport ... Okno – není použito konzistentne, potrebuje revizi
    • Window ... Okno

    For other translators (in Czech) / Pro další prekladatele:

    Casování sloves pri prekladu jednotlivých stringu Akcí:

    • pro actions.*.list-name - sloveso akce v infinitivu. Predstavme si policajta, který dává príkaz k akci - "Zastavit! Spustit! Porovnat! ..."
    • pro actions.*.display-text - sloveso v budoucím case. Predstavme si odpoved na otázku Co to udelá? - "Zastaví. Spustí. Porovná..."
    • pro actions.*.description - sloveso v budoucím case. Predstavme si taktéž odpoved na otázku Co to udelá? - "Zastaví. Spustí. Porovná..."

    Known issues:

    • I would welcome, if someone with graphics / sound background can look at the translation of Audio and Graphic effects, I have done some translation, but it may be inconsistent with e.g. Photoshop translation.
    • Color blending modes - such as "destination in", "source out" - I did not translate. Any translation I would think of will most likely confuse a programmer. Any suggestions?
    • Mobile ads - not sure with some terminology, such as "intersticial ad", currently translated as "intersticiální reklama"
  • Amazing work, thanks! We will be arranging our own review so don't worry too much about typos and such. Once it's reviewed we'll ship it in the next C3 update after that. Great job!

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  • I have a tool which detects invalid translations, and I delete invalid translations so they get translated again, hopefully correctly. There is just 1 problematic string left. is an expression name and must be a valid expression (see the guidelines - basically this means no special characters or spaces). The current translation is "Délka trvání" which includes a space so is an invalid expression. The term has a comment explaining the restriction too. I have deleted the invalid translation a couple of times now but it keeps getting translated back to an invalid expression. I've deleted it once more, please make sure the translation has no space!

  • Yes, sorry, I missed that it is an expression.

    I just removed the space now.

  • Thanks!

  • There are some texts I wonder, if they are translatable.

    Most of them are in interim windows (such as "Downloading ..." when opening cloud project), but some of them are in Event sheets.

    One such example is "OR" when two conditions are toggled as "OR" - I am sure I translated all "OR"s, but it still shows untranslated in Event sheet.

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