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  • Super cheesy message but I just wanted to say thanks for adding this feature. I got into game dev six months ago through Construct 3 and while I wanted to learn programming to expand my knowledge, I didn't want to abandon this engine because I love the ease of use and insane work ethic of the team behind it. I was in this rock and hard place position of wanting to learn "real" programming, but not wanting to abandon the six months of work I'd put into my game so far. So I found myself not really putting a ton of effort into getting more into programming.

    JavaScript in C3 solves everything. Now I can learn scripting in a real programming language, and am motivated to learn cuz I can apply what I learn to the project I'm already working out without having to learn a new engine and start over.

    So yeah, thanks for targeting guys specifically like me who started as art people and wanted to cross over to the other side to programming, and building a fantastic bridge to help get us there.

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  • Glad you like it!

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