how set an animation frame?

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  • i have a fiew shirts of card in one sprite,each as frame.

    an animation speed for this sprite set 0,so i can place some exemplars of sprite on layer in editor,and set the frame-and i will have different shirts,it's ok.

    but when i place sprite on script,and try set a frame-it' no luck,just see the first frame.

     for (var a=1;a<=cards_for_each;a++)
     runtime.objects["Card_shirt"].createInstance("Layer 10",opp_one_start_pos_x+(a*15),opp_one_start_pos_y);

    despite on different indexes-i see an 0 frame.i was think that i must start animation for change frame on layer,so add below this row


    and get error

    runtime.objects.Card_shirt.getAllInstances(...).startAnimation is not a function

    where is the mistake?

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  • runtime.objects.["Card_shirt"].getFirstInstance().animationFrame = 0;

    runtime.objects.SPRITE_NAME.getFirstInstance().animationFrame = 0;

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