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  • I have to do a little more research to see if I can create a small example of this issue I am seeing and post in the bug tracker.

    I have coded a large portion of my game in java script and it has been working well in R154 and stil does. As soon as I switch to r155 I get the following error in the console after it navigates from my boot layout to the title layout.


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  • I went back to an old version of my game without any JavaScript scripting and I get the same error.

  • I posted this comment on the release comments so not sure if I should leave it here. Let me know if I should delete it.

  • A minimal replication on the issue tracker would be appreciated, as it hasn't been reported yet.

    Generally it's not that useful posting crash reports on the release notes. If the problem is common then posting a brief description of it with a link to an issue on the bug tracker can be useful to point other users our reponses. That way they can find the status of the issue and find out when it's resolved.

  • ok, thanks.

    I will try to create a small project to see if I can duplicate it and file a bug. I know someone else has run into this issue also. I'll see what I can come up with.

  • That will be great, thanks.

  • Sorry I never added to this thread.

    The issue for me was taken care with R156 as shown in the release notes for that version.

    Possible runtime crash creating instances not placed anywhere in project (regression in r155).

    In R155 I fixed the issue by putting instances of all my objects on the layout and then destroying them on the start of the layout.

    Hope that helps.

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