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  • Ashley since chrome 80, i think null coalescing has been added to javascript. it seems the scripting feature does not support the newest features being added to javascript?

    it's not a big deal, since this is just syntactic sugar to help code cleanliness. but this brings up the question? as new features are added to the javascript (seems to be happening at a rapid pace nowadays) will construct keep up with these features in the scripting api? I would assumes this is just adding linter support for the new feature? but it might be more complex than that.

    will construct target a specific iteration of java script? there is a snippet in the documentation

    I am not sure the overhead of having construct keep up with these changes to the language, what are your thoughts on this?


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  • I think we will need to update the library the editor uses to parse JS code to support the new syntax. This applies only for new features that involve new syntax and so need new code to recognise them. There might also be a lag time between browsers adding support and the library adding support.

    I wouldn't recommend using really new features anyway until all browsers and platforms support them. Otherwise you'll end up with a broken game in certain places.

  • yeah makes sense, sometimes its just hard to resist the shiny new toys though...

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