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  • Is it possible to have C3 listen to a PHP file that's stored on a web server, so when said PHP file is changed it downloads the data?

    Honestly scripting is something I simply do not understand, which is why I love Construct so much.

    Basically, I have a PHP file already in place on my server which is being fed data. I want that PHP file to update another PHP file (or whatever is more useful) with JSON data.

    Then when C3 notices that the file has changed, it will download the data and act on it.

    Does that make sense?

    I have systems in place where C3 will listen to a Twitch channel's chat, as well as a Discord server at the same time, reacting when someone writes a message, but I need to be able to react to an event.

    So close... just missing a few more steps.

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  • I think the easy way is sending a POST to this server and compare the size/hash/etc and if something is diferent you can send a GET to download it.

    You can make a block to compare every x seconds.

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