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  • Hello, I am a beginning developer and I was wondering just a few things, first of all I was wondering if this is a true javascript engine and utilizes java scripting in it's truest form or if it uses a new variance or version of js that is specific to c3, (which would possibly prevent me from just using any old js script that I can find online) and secondly I had wondered if anyone has posted a whole big list of useful js code for c3 yet just as they did on the gg forums for lua scripts for gg, (gameguru). Thanks in advance! In case anyone actually answers my questions

  • The C3 export is js, but decidedly not human readable.

    You can use external scripts, and some code in editor, but its definitely not copy and paste. Might be more like what you are asking about.

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  • I collected all of the hardware and software required to make use of roughly 15 of the most popular game engines currently in existence and have set myself to creating at least one game within each engine and so I'll still be using construct 3 but there's a chance that I might take you up on that suggestion and use phaser first. Thank you for the info!

  • Upon further inspection and reflection I believe I'll just need to learn how javascript works and then learn how it works when applied to C3. Because not only is that what makes sense but also I found out that simply the setup alone of phaser is more involved and riddled with steps than most of the other available engines.

  • Construct uses industry-standard JavaScript, identical to the language used in browsers or server-side tools like node.js. The language is not specific to Construct. What you learn using JS code in Construct will be highly transferrable to other places using JavaScript.

    However as with any tool or framework, there are various API methods specific to the platform, which you can find documented in the scripting section of the manual.

  • Thank you Ashley! Construct 3 is sounding better and better all of the time

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