How to increase the default playback speed on Youtube(To greater than 2x) and paste from clipboard.

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  • I have inserted publically available code(document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0].playbackRate =16) which is well known in order to speed up Youtube Playback to 16x by using the Youtube API example and I have seen that after some time of getting used to it(It Works!),

    And if I increase the Playback Speed on Youtube to double the speed also doubles,However I want the speed to increase even more,How can I do this?,

    Maybe this will require the Youtube API commands,I will also like to be able to paste URLs from Google Chrome at the click of a button(The Reward: You get to post this example to any store you want with or without credit),

    How this can work,

    People can search Youtube from that app(Using iframe)

    Once they go to a video they can click on a button to take them to another iframe having the link of the Youtube video which will play it on click at a greater than 2x speed with a customized buffer limit of Youtube,

    Can anybody make this app that person can sell it if he wants,However I hope that he will give a free trail or will post a code for using that app for free for a few days and I think that almost anyone or anyone with the knowlage of Javascript can do this,

    As per my knowledge there is no such thing available in mobile for doing this and there are already companies software for sale in desktop to increase the playback speed of videos in the desktop but only upto 16x and not in mobile,

    And, Parts of everything except I think that the Playback speed part is already done(The part of increasing Playback speed by greater than 2x in Youtube) and so I think that this Software or App can be done,

    Link of the project file




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