Getting started with JavaScript coding in Construct

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    Welcome to the Scripting forum! This is where you can discuss the use of JavaScript coding in Construct, also known as the scripting feature. It was announced in the blog post Introducing JavaScript coding in Construct.


    There is a new manual section on scripting covering how the feature works. This will be updated as more scripting features become available.

    Learning JavaScript

    JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and as a result there are tons of resources across the web to help you learn it. While you can post questions about the JavaScript language itself here, you may find it quicker to use existing resources on the web.

    We recommend the MDN web docs as a good reference to use for JavaScript, which has a section on Learning JavaScript which is aimed at complete beginners. Alternatively search the web to find other tutorials and getting started guides.

    There are also many other sites across the web where you can get help with general programming topics. StackOverflow is a well-known one.

    Of course, if you have questions about how JavaScript is used in Construct specifically, or about the functions and classes provided by Construct, this forum is a good place to ask.

    JavaScript is not Java

    Note Java is a completely different programming language to JavaScript. This is a common point of confusion. Try not to get the two mixed up. For example if you search the web for help on JavaScript, be sure to specifically search for JavaScript and not Java, otherwise you will get results for the wrong programming language!

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