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  • For the game I wish to create I have already created various formulas. For example this is my formula for calculating the damage dealt in battle.

    All of my formulas work as I want them to in Excel, however I'm not sure if Construct has the necessary functions in place to be able to create this kind of battle system.

    Some of my formulas get... Interesting.

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  • That's no more complicated than algebra, just figure out the computer math or C3 equivalents, which is all there, and will handle this easily.

    I would suggest not trying to stick it all in one equation.

    Sub events make things easier and more readable.

  • Construct 3 also has Scripts, so you can write those formulas in JavaScript. But the Functions feature, using the event sheet, is a friendly version of programming, which is more than capable to do that too.

  • just stumbled on this one. Seems not so difficult actually, jus start from the inner brackets, en do everything operation by operation :

    (((((((2*a)/5)+2)*c*b)/d)/75)+2)*e*f*g*(random( (h<125?70+(h/4):100 ), (100+(h<=125?h/5:125)) ))

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