[Feature Request] Vim bindings in the editor

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  • Hi!

    I discovered this beautiful engine a couple days ago and still learning with the free version.

    One thing that I like about the built-in editor is its helpful autocompletion of the construct API. Unfortunately, it is very limited in its capabilities compared to popular code editors.

    The feature I want from the built-in editor is Vim bindings or a Vim mode.

    For this reason I have tried to use Visual Studio Code to do scripting which does have Vim bindings. But then, it has none of the helpful autocompletion of the construct API that the built-in editor has so I am stuck.

    Vim bindings to the built-in editor would be the perfect solution for me since I wouldn't have to leave the engine. Alternatively, a plugin for construct's API autocompletion from inside Visual Studio Code could work too.

    (This is a repost from my response to someone else's request for a Visual Studio Code plugin)


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